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Mr. Kim, Je-Chang, the Director of AomA Yoga Academy majored
in western music composition at the western music composition
department of B.A. and M.A. courses of Seoul National Universtity.
But, he started the intensive practice of yoga, fasting, zen,
vipassana meditation and psychotherapy counselling since 1987
till now, because he believed that for creating great music,
at first he should understand the body and mind of human being
properly before doing it.
He joined the yoga teacher training course of Kaivalyadhama yoga college in India at 1996 and he awared
'Diploma in Yoga Education" with his wife Mrs. Kim, Soon-Jong at July of 1997 as the first man of Korea.
He also joined the M.Phil.(pre-Ph.D.) course of the philosophy department of Pune University at June of 1997
and awared M.Phil. degree at January of 2002 by the dissertation titled "Self-realization in Zen Buddhism".
Consequently he started Ph.D. course of the same subject of Pune University at April of 2002 and submitted
the thesis to request Ph.D. degeree at April of 2008, titled "Comparative Study between the Meditation Techniques
of Zen and Vipassana with Special Reference to the Platform Scripture and Mahasatipatthana Sutta".
By above relations, now he is working 'to spread the easy, safe and scientific yoga of Kaivalyadhama tradition
to as many people of Korea'; 'to examine the relation between the body and mind of men closely through it
to share the suffering of men together and thus to grope and practice to find out the way to reduce and
ultimately to become free from it perfectly; to do research and practice for cultural synthesis to reduce conflicts
and struggles between different religions and idelogies of the world. He understands them as his lifetime
mission and thus, he is doing his best to undergo them.
Our Director
   1. Book(edited & written) : Contemporary Music Series "Stockhousen"

   2. Thesis :
   * A thesis for M.A. : "An Investigation of the 'GAGOK Stimme, Gitarre und Schlagzeug (1972)'composed
   by Mr.Yun, Yi-Sang" - Comparative study with Korean Traditional Gagok(Lyric Song) -
   * A thesis for M.Phil. : "Self-Realization in Zen-Buddhism" - According to Hui-Neng's Approach -
   * A thesis for Ph.D. : "Comparative Study between the Meditation Techniques of Zen and Vipassana with
   Special Reference to the Platform Scripture and Mahasatipatthana Sutta"

   3. Music Work : "O-Gamdo for fifty mixed voices', Electronic Music "Radio Fantasy", Lyric Song
   "A Returning Home at Autumn"

   4. Unpublished Book(Edited) : "A Text for the yoga teacher training course of the Real 3rd Grade Certificate
   in Yoga Education (Teaching Asanas)"