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Knowledge based Yoga Tradition
Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute of India which AomA Yoga Academy is following is the tradition of knowledge
based yoga, because it does not depend on the experience and knowledge of the teacher, but depend on the
scientific knowledge which are obtained through objective and scientific research with the help of modern
science. So, one can seek one's own way and practice according to it by oneself.
The Meaning of Kaivalyadhama
Kaivalya means 'freedom(spiritual emancipation)' and 'dhama' means 'place' and so
'Kaivlayadhama' means 'a (holy) place for freedom(spiritual emancipation)'.
The Motivation of the Establishment
The direct motivation of the establishment of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute was initiated by the suggesiton of
'Shri Maharaji Madhavadasji', the teacher of Swami Kuvalayanadaji and was known as enlightened sage,
to help common people in the society who are suffering by making scientific research of the traditional yogic
techniques which was taught only for a few people in Himalaya.
The Objective of the Establishment
The objectification and popularization of the Indian traditional yoga through scientific research of it.
About Swami Kuvalayanadaji (1883~1966)
He, who borned at 1883, was a teacher of physical education and a scientist who had scientific background.
He established Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavla of India at 1924 according to the suggestion of his teacher.
He devoted and served himself fully for the welfare of humanity by doing the scientific research and systematic
spreading of yoga until he passed away at 1966. The tradition which was initiated by him are continuing until now without having any interruption. The results of the research was published two to four times per year through Yoga Mimamsa, the scientific yoga journal of Kaivalyadhama since 1924 till now and it has become the crucial momentum
to spread the scientifically universalized yoga to the western world rapidly with the help of his contribution.
Succesive Swamijis (Spritual Leaders of the Institute)
1) The 1st : Swami Kuvalayanandaji
2) The 2nd : Swami Digambarji
3) The 3rd : Swami Maheshanandaji
The Orgarnization of the Institute
1) Philosophico Literary Research Department : P.L.R.D.
2) Scientific Research Department : S.R.D.
3) G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis
4) S.T.D.T. Gupta Yogic Hospital
5) Naturopathy Cure Center
6) Spiritual Ashram
7) Main Administration Office
G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis
This College was constructed by the donation of Gorandas Shesharia and thus the name of it became "G.S.",
the initial of his name. This college trained and discharged more than two thousand certified yoga teachers
through systematic yoga teacher training course since 1951.
International Yoga Teacher Training Courses
1. Ten month Course for "Diploma in Yoga Education" : Once per year
=> the 15th of July to the end of April of next year
2. Six week Course for "Certificate in Yoga Education" : Twice per year
=> the 15th of January to the end of Feburuary / the 2nd of May to the middle of June
3. Two year Course for "Diploma in Yoga Therapy" :
4. M.Phil. Course and Ph.D. Course for "Physical Education"
5. Certification Course for Pranayama
Korean Yoga Teachers who awarded Diploma in Yoga Education
Mr. Kim, Je-Chang and Mrs. Kim, Soon-Jong were first Korean people who awarded Diploma in Yoga
Education of this tradition at July of 1997 and since then till 2008 more than thirty Korean people has
awarded Diploma in Yoga Education.