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* Inquiry and Reservation of Yoga Psycho Counselling : (02)456-2156, 016-708-2156

Private Counselling
This is a man to man counselling service.
Group Counselling
This is a group counselling service among 8 to 12 members in a group.
A Program for Middle aged Women
This is a program to help middle aged women who are experiencing extrem difficulty in body and mind like
depression while the period of climateric and menopause. This program will provide a systematic help through
yoga private lesson and yoga psychotherapy counselling service.
A Private Lesson for CEOs
This is a yoga private lesson service adpted to each individual's need for the people in the guidence class in the
society like university professors, western and oriental medical doctors, judges and prosecutors, lawyers, CEOs of
company, parliament members, beaurocracies of government etc..
Marriage Enrichment Program
This is a program to improve the more healthy and happy marrital life by developing conversation skill, the health
management technique of body and mind, the resolution of conflicts etc.
Family Counselling
This is a program based on the insight that the psychological problems in an individual is not only the problem
of an individual, but also the problems closely related with the whole family members. It will help to give mutual
understanding and conversation, psychological healing and growthment of family members.
Spiritual healing yoga for (breast) cancer paients
This is a free yoga class to help the the healing, the management and enhancement of health for the (breast)
cancer patients who has been operated or are under treatment now. At the moment(November of 2008) the free
yoga class for the members of Vinus Club of Seoul National University Hospital is going on for more than five
years since May of 2004, and the one for the members of Pink Ribbon of Asan Hpospital is going on for more
than one year since October of 2007.