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An Outline
All the curriculum of the yoga practice programs and the training courses of yoga teacher and researcher of
AomA Yoga Academy are focused on deep studying, practising and wide spreading of the 'Full Course'
composed by Swami Kuvalayanandaji. The Full Course is the yoga practice program composed by Swami
Kuvalayanandaji, the first yogic scientist in the world, after investigating yoga scientifically for more than thirty years.
This program is consisted to vitalize the whole body and mind fully by stimulating systems from the most important
one in the body in its important order(nervous system => endocrine system => circulatory system => respiratory
system => spine => digestive system => excretory system etc...) by using the minimum number of basic yogic
The main aim of it is to feel and observe body, mind phenomena and thus to realize so called full
liberation(enlightenment) from suffering and ignorance by purifying them. However, it is spotlighted as the hygiene
or the exercise for the promotion of health in modern world, because it is scientifically proved as definitely helpful
to recover and enhance perfect health of the whole organism by purifying and vitalizing the whole systems
in the body.
The Program
I. Asana
  [ A ] Preparation(It can be compared to anaesthesia before operation)
  1. Shirshasna(Head standing) 1 ~ 10 min. => Regulate nervous system include brain
  2. Sarvangasana(Shoulder standing) 1~ 6 min. => Regulate thyroxin etc..
    Viparita Karani(Inverted pose) 1~ 30 min.
  3. Matsyasana(Fish pose) 1~2 min. => Vitalize 흉선, heart and lungs
  4. Halasana(Plough pose) 1~10 min. => Vitalize circulatory and respiratory system
  [ B ] Purifying energy channels(It can be compared to operation)
  5. Bhujangasana(Cobra pose)=> 3-7 Sets(less than 10 sec. each) =>Purifying spine 1
  6. Salabhasana(Locust pose)=> 3-7 Sets(less than 10 sec. each) =>Purifying spine 2
  7. Dhanurasana(Bow pose) => 3-7 Sets(less than 10 sec. each) =>Purifying spine 3
  [ C ] Arrangement(It can be compared to finishing after operation)
  8. ArdhaMatsendrasana(Half twist pose) Left & right 1 min. each => The massage of spine and inner organs
  9. Pascimattanasana(Back stretching pose)1~2 min. => Decentralize the energy throughout the whole body
  10. Mayurasana(Peacock pose) / PinchaMayurasana(Peacock's feather pose) 1~2 min.
  => The massage of stomach, pancrea, spleen, chest cavity etc...
  11. Savasana(A Corps pose) 5~10 min. => Perfect relaxation / stabilize brain wave
Ⅱ. Bandha and Mudra(The technique to help Kumbhaka)
  1. Uddiyana Bandha(The upliftment of diaphragm) 3~7 sets => The massage and relaxation of diaphragm
  2. Yoga Mudra(The symbol of yoga) 1~10 min. => Remove the congestion inside abdomen cavity
Ⅲ. Cleansing Process(It helps to practice Kumbhaka by purifying body)
  1. Nauli(Purifying Abdomen) 3~7 Sets (upto 21Sets)
  => Strong massage inside abdomen(intestine, colon, kidneys etc...)
  2. Agni Sara(Purifying Stomach) 3~7 Sets => The Purification and vitalization around stomach, pancrea
  3. Kapalabhati(Purifying Brain) 100~5000 times => Vitalize and remove congestion throughout body and brain
Ⅳ. Kumbhaka(Breathing Practice)
  1. Ujjayi Kumbhaka(Accomplisher's Breathing) 1~5 Rounds
  => Purifying the congestions in body and mind by the control of breathing
  2. Bhastrika Kumbhaka(Bellow's Breathing) 1~10 Rounds => More safe and effective techniqeu to practice
  Kumbhaka, It is the combination of kapalabhati and Ujjayi Kumbhaka.
Ⅴ. Dhyana(Meditation)
   Deep purification of body and mind through equanimous and subtle observation of them.
Vi. Kaivalya(Emancipation)
   The realization of perfect freedom from suffering by establishing perfect equanimity.
The Composing Principle
Let us try to understand the composing principle of "the Full Course." This program is composed to purify every
nook and corner of the whole body without any omission. It starts from the top of the head(central nerveous system),
the most important system in the body and trys to scan everywhere of the body in orderly fashion. Anatomically our
body can be categorized into head, trunk, spine and the limbs. The trunk can be seperated into chest cavity and
abdominal cavity. In them the most important system is of course head(brain) and then chest cavity(heart and lungs)
, spine(nervous system), abdominal cavity(digestive system and excretory system) and thus the limbs can be
considered as comparatively less important. But, in the most of body exercises or streching the main importance is
given to the exercise of arms and legs to develop skeletal muscles of the limbs.

But, this yogic program does not give much importance to the exercise to develop skeletal muscles of the arms and
legs. The most important part for exercise in the yoga is the head(nervous system). The typical techniques for it are
meditation and head standing (shirshasana). Then secondly try to regulate the endocrine glands(thyroid hormone
etc..), the messenger of the body to deliver the commands made from the brain throughout the whole body and then
in orderly fashion try to regulate heart, lungs, spine, stomach, intestine and colon, kidneys etc... It means that it is
very scientific program which is composed to regulate the more important system earlier.

Let us try to understand the composing principle of the Full Course by the diagram below.
Purifying Head(Nerveous System)=> Head Standing(Shirshasana)

Purifying Endocrine Glands(Thyroid) => Shoulder Standing(Sarvangasana)

Heart / Lungs(Circulatory & Respiratory) => Fish/Plough Poses(Matsyasana/ Halasana)

Purifying Spine => Back Bending Poses of the Spine(Cobra, Locust and Bow Poses)

Purifying Diaphragm => Peacock Pose(Mayurasana) / Uddiyana Bandha

Purifying Abdomen(Digestive/Excretory Systems) => Yoga Mudra / Agni Sara / Nauli

Purifying the Whole Body => Kapalabhati(The Technique to Vibrate the Whole Body)

Purifying the Congestions of Energy and Blood => Kumbhaka(Yogic Breathing)

Deep and Subtle Observation and Purification => Meditation

The Realization of Full Liberation from Suffering => Emancipation(Enlightenment)

Like this the Full Course is composed as to help the deep and subtle observation of the body and mind phenomena
by the technique to stimulate the everywhere of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes with the least
easy yogic techniques. So, it is very valuable program to practice throughout one's lifetime for the professional yogis
and meditators as well as for the common people who want to live healthy life, because it is very eminent not only
in maintaining the perfect health of the body, but also in realizing the full liberation from the mind, body phenomena
(enlightenment / emancipation). Therefore, we exhort to as many people to practice this program.